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Who is him?

Kelvin Farnandes, 22 Years old born and raised in Indonesia, finding his (He/him) way migrating to Australia. After graduated from Monash University back in 2021 doing Bachelor of Business (Management and Marketing), Kelvin worked as Human Resource Admin in one of consulting company based in Melbourne. Continuing his journey to learn, he flipped and took a job at Wesfarmers (ASX:WES) as a e-commerce b2b administrator

His early exposure to emerging Technology trend makes him very Tech Geeky. The exposure to digital art makes him artistic. The exposure to his early investment makes him immune to highly volatile market shock. The exposure to digital marketing makes him a marketer.

Prior to migrating to Australia, Kelvin learned his artistic and administration growing up. Started with Adobe Premiere Pro to produce YouTube videos and joined a high school filming competition. Learned its way of photography, learned Adobe Lightroom and handled Sony A6300 & A7M3. With great camera comes great storage system, learned how to efficiently store both Raw, mkv, project & Jpeg files. He also managed digital advertisement of one of the fastest growing art brick & mortar store, from Google Analytics to Facebook Ads. Jailbroken multiple iDevices with multiple iOS, without even using macOS. Learned robotics and coding through Lego Mindstorms. Managed his home WiFi system and internet connectivity. Kelvin also started his investment journey very early at a very highly risky and volatile market, Cryptocurrency in 2016. At this time, he haven't even graduated from Highschool yet.

During lockdown, he created a Minecraft server that still alive until now. Manage multiple domains and configured email hosting, his experience got him hired by a company in Indonesia to setup their Office 365. He also sharpen his skill as a gamer and even streams for a while on Twitch. 


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