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Who is him?

Kelvin Farnandes, 22 years old and born and raised in Indonesia, made his way to Australia, embracing a new journey. After graduating from Monash University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Business, specializing in Management and Marketing, Kelvin embarked on his professional career. He initially worked as a Human Resource Administrator at a consulting firm based in Melbourne. Eager to continue his learning journey, he transitioned to Wesfarmers (ASX:WES), serving as an e-commerce B2B administrator.


Kelvin's early engagement with emerging technology trends has cultivated a deep interest in tech, rendering him quite the tech enthusiast. Similarly, his exposure to digital art has honed his artistic skills, while his foray into early investments has equipped him with resilience against volatile market shocks. Moreover, his experience with digital marketing has shaped him into a skilled marketer.


Before moving to Australia, Kelvin developed his artistic and administrative skills from a young age. He began with producing YouTube videos using Adobe Premiere Pro and participated in high school film competitions. His journey continued with photography, mastering Adobe Lightroom, and operating Sony A6300 & A7M3 cameras. With high-quality cameras came the necessity for efficient storage solutions, leading him to master the management of raw, MKV, project, and JPEG files. He also spearheaded the digital advertising efforts for one of the fastest-growing art stores, leveraging tools from Google Analytics to Facebook Ads. His technical prowess extended to jailbreaking multiple iOS devices without using macOS, exploring robotics and coding through Lego Mindstorms, and managing his home WiFi system and internet connectivity.


His expertise in managing multiple domains and configuring email hosting led to a role in setting up Office 365 for a company in Indonesia.


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